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If I’ve learned anything from selling over a hundred million dollars of products and services… it’s that most people won’t buy into a solution until the problem is very painful.

It’s like a tooth that won’t get fixed at the dentist until it’s so painful you can’t eat.

In the case of the giant Equifax identity theft hack, nobody is feeling the pain yet. The affected 143 million Americans have not yet had their credit ruined, bank accounts drained, and been arrested for crimes committed by someone else using their identity.

But that may change soon.

These 143 million identities have value on the black market and are in the hands of criminals who will succumb to the money.

And once Americans ARE feeling the pain of a broken down identity system, a new higher security identity system will have to emerge before our economy can function again.

One digital asset stands to have a chance at being THE new identity system.

It’s called Civic

…and the asset you can hold for potential profit is the symbol CVC.

But CVC is not available in your traditional brokerage account (but Equifax is, hmmm…).

CVC is a cryptocurrency. Many people believe these assets are the stock market of the future… which isn’t a stretch considering the crypto market has grown far more than any stock market in the world during 2017.

If you’re already a seasoned crypto pro, consider buying CVC as a hedge against the coming identity meltdown.

If you’re new to crypto, I’ll show you the ropes on how to get started and progress to advanced investment strategies involving CVC and other cryptocurrencies.