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Don’t ignore these!

  1. is now more popular than (source)
  2. Australia is considering making Bitcoin their national currency (source)
  3. Cryptocurrency “ICOs” have raised more money in 2017 than all Venture Capital funding (source)
  4. The Hong Kong Stock Exchange is planning to launch a blockchain-based stock market (source)
  5. The Chinese government announced it will start to use blockchain technology to collect taxes (source)
  6. The Ex-CEO of Morgan Stanley is raising $950 million in an ICO (source)
  7. Russian banks plan to use a blockchain ledger by mid-2018 (source)
  8. The total crypto market cap has grown more in the past 7 months than the S&P 500’s past 19 years (source)
  9. NASDAQ is planning a blockchain-powered system (source)
  10. MasterCard is patenting a blockchain system (source)
  11. A recent study found 57% of large corporations are preparing to apply blockchain technology (source)
  12. Dubai set a goal to become the first blockchain government by 2020 (source)
  13. IBM, HP, Deloitte, Goldman Sachs, Intel, Microsoft, Bank of America, JP Morgan and many others are heavily investing in blockchain technology (source)
  14. IMF calls the blockchain the “internet of trust” and urges banks to invest in cryptocurrencies
  15. High school dropouts are becoming millionaires by age 18 (source)
  16. AT&T was awarded a patent for a blockchain system (source)
  17. U.S. government is considering using blockchain technology to process Visas (source)
  18. The U.S. Federal Reserve is receiving proposals to issue it own cryptocurrency (source)
  19. Big banks are gravitating to cryptocurrency for cross-border wire transfers (source)
  20. Apple is accepting cryptocurrency on its app store (source)